The Bad Side of Taking HGH Injections

There are so many individuals nowadays, especially older ones, who are continuously seeking out different ways to acquire much younger looking skin, as well as better physical attributes like stronger bones and bigger muscles.

An enhanced sex drive is also much needed among older people these days, simply because it allows them to enjoy the act of sex even at an age where deficiencies are to be expected.

With society constantly bombarding people with the appraisal of proper health and physical beauty, as well as constant criticism of what can be considered as ugly, there’s no shock to the number of people in the world out looking to get their hands on HGH supplements.

One of the most common forms of supplementation that people actually depend on comes in the form of injections.

These are often used to help slow down the aging process, although they also serve the medical purpose of helping children suffering from growth defects.

It’s quite efficient in turning back the hands of time, allowing people to maintain youthfulness and high energy levels.

However, there are a few side effects associated with this type of growth hormone supplement, and some can even be permanent.

For those who have long considered availing of injections but are quite hesitant due to the word of mouth from experts regarding adverse reactions, below are several points to look into.

  1. hgh injectionsIf there’s one major concern with the use of injections containing growth hormones, it’s that it can cause acromegaly, which is a condition that stems from an overabundance of growth hormone in the body. This would lead the tissues of the body to become larger, and in a very alarming way. Vital organs may become enlarged, as well as a substantial increase in the size of bone and hair tissue. When left neglected, there’s a good chance someone suffering from it would die.
  2. Another side effect that is associated with the use of HGH injections is that the site where it was injected can experience a certain reaction. Anti-bodies would sense the presence of foreign compounds entering the body, which then blocks out the potential invasion. What this leads to is severe swelling that can be quite painful to experience. In fact, some people may even experience death if it becomes much worse and isn’t treated immediately.
  3. There’s also the matter of the liver becoming quite toxic. Some injections might contain some anabolic agents which can become quite addictive, especially among people who want to increase muscle mass. However, over indulgence can lead to the liver suffering a great deal. One would also expect the presence of synthetic compounds in these injections to have a devastating effect on the human body’s proper functioning, leading to more harm than good. This is one reason why natural supplements are often recommended a lot more compared to synthetic and lab-manufactured ones.

These are the three most common side effects which have been associated with the use of HGH injections. That’s why more and more people prefer to use herbal supplements that can increase their HGH naturally.

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